Lip / Hardware Systems

For Electric Mining Shovels (P&H 2300 - 4100XPC)

Front End Loaders (LT Models 1350 - 2350)

"TLC" means Total Lip Coverage in which the Lip and Hardware are coordinately designed to protect the lip from wear and eliminate major lip repairs and their associated costs.

The unique TLC Hardware and TLC Lip Protection System provides:
  • Reduced wear caused by material flow and impact
  • A patented Hardware Stabilization System that prevents premature deterioration of Hardware Fit Dimensions - extending the effective life of the Lip to match that of the dipper service cycle
  • Weight and cost efficient TLC hardware further reducing operating costs while giving the maximum wear life
  • Square Corner and High Production Wide Radius configurations for optimum digging geometry
  • Safe, all hammerless attaching systems
  • Forged alloy adapters & teeth for mining strength

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